August 7, 2011

Lake Powell

My last vacation of summer could not have been any better. Lake Powell with great company is going to result in an amazing trip. Some of the highlights included:

  • Perfect weather
  • Sleeping under the stars and seeing shooting stars constantly
  • Crazy tube rides/wars that resulted in a few minor injuries
  • The most delicious meals
  • Life jacket diapers
  • spf 80
  • Laughing so hard my abs are sore
  • Going down the water slide
  • Slalom skiing
  • Exploring a shore across from us and walking through a crack in the rock opening to another bay where we found some cliffs to jump off
  • The Job List
  • Most insane jet ski ride I have ever been on
  • Game of Werwolf
  • Massage trains
  • Scum
  • Doing an act of service by rescuing wandering tubes and trying to find the owners
  • Ultimate spoons
  • Surfing
  • Successfully getting up on the surf board with 2 of us on it (we didn't last long but we did get up!)
  • The Solemn and Serious game
  • Transformers movie on a big screen during a thunderstorm
  • "Who does this grandma think she is?!"
  • Bieber shower/dance party
and many, many more!


  1. WHY ARE WE BACK ALREADY?! Such an awesome trip! Aaand you and mike look like you've been up for hours on that rad. also...notice my blog has one pic of lake powel? yeah thats because i only took one picture. i need to get some of yours! haha. love you so much kirstyn! xoxo

  2. how fuuuun! that right there is a dream vaca. glad you're home safe & sound missy!