June 26, 2011

Pool time & the arts

Yesterday was a beautiful day and I got to spend it at the pool! First pool day of the summer if you can believe it. It was hot, the water felt nice, and I got to go with my good friend Alex who I don't get to see very often. This is why I love having Saturday's off work.

Later that day, Rach and I decided to go to the Arts Festival. We took trax and boy was that an experience. There were 2 boys sitting behind us with their open cans of beer at 5 in the afternoon belting songs they were listening to on their ipod. That was only a little preview of what was to come once we got to the Arts Festival.

So many fun performances, such as Ballet West and a comedy show that happened to be put on by a boy that we knew, and lots of neat booths. My favorite was when the artists were doing their work right there in front of me. Like some of these graffiti pictures.

Then there were these amazing guys who did this stomp stuff. They were so good, I felt like I was listening to a drumline.

Fictionist performed that night and so we got their nice and early to have good seats and save some for friends. Little did we know that wouldn't matter because everyone ended up standing anyways and people started working their way towards the front which moved us farther back. Oh well, we were still pretty close and Fictionist sounded awesome.

Here's just one example of the many interesting things we saw while at the Arts Festival. People watching there has got to be one of the most entertaining things. This man was a hoot!

June 22, 2011

Happy Wednesday

Reasons why today has been such a happy Wednesday:

  1. Woke up to my alarm at 8. This is a amazing because a) I have gotten into the habit of pushing snooze and b) because it was 8 in the morning. Felt good to start off the day early!
  2. Remember how I'm addicted to hair cuts? Well I got one this morning and I have to say the scalp massage today was one of her best. They are always amazing but for some reason today it was top notch. Not to mention it just feels great to have a hair cut. (I'm sorry to say I have not overcome this addiction, but my hair cuts are less frequent... I'm making baby steps)
  3. I got a lot of tedious things I've been needing to get done finally done. Such as making dentist appointments, making tons of phone calls to plan summer gamma activities, and cleaning my room.
  4. I got to spend a few hours this afternoon with this adorable girl...
  5. I got some big online class assignments done. About halfway there with the online classes.... YAY!
  6. Met with the bishop to discuss how the sororities and fraternities are ending this summer and how I no longer have a calling. He was so sweet and said lots of great things. He gave me a new calling that I'm excited about, but then he asked me to speak in church. Yikes! It's not gonna be for a while though so I'll have some time to prep for such a scary thing.
  7. I get to go see my newly engaged friend who I haven't seen yet. I'm so excited for Michelle and Mick!
  8. And lastly, just a few more days til the darling boy gets home from his trip. Can't wait!

June 19, 2011

Daddy's Day

Happy Father's Day to the best, funnest, smartest, goofiest, sweetest, most amazing dad I know.
I love you Dad!

June 18, 2011

"Faith is a gift of God bestowed as a reward for personal righteousness. It is always given when righteousness is present, and the greater the measure of obedience to God's laws, the greater will be the endowment of faith."
-Elder Bruce R. McConkie

This quote was on the program at sacrament last Sunday. It's amazing how aware our Heavenly Father is of us and knows exactly what we need and when because this quote is definitely something I needed at that time.

About 2 weeks ago, I received news that all the LDSSA sororities and fraternities were coming to an end. I was shocked when I received the e-mail and re-read it multiple times hoping that I may have misread something. Unfortunately, each time I read it the same sad news was given. Tears automatically came to my eyes and I was so sad and honestly heart broken that this was happening. I loved the organization especially my lovely Gamma chapter and it's amazing girls. We had been busy planning things for the next year and I was getting so excited to serve the girls and try my best to fulfill my calling as president. The news left me confused and very sad.

Since then, we've had a few meetings and I've talked to many of the girls about what has happened and why and I couldn't be more grateful for their amazing and strong testimonies that really put things into perspective for me.

This decision came from God. This knowledge really comforted me and put me at peace. I'm sure it wasn't easy for Him because he loves us so much and knows how much this means to many people, but he wouldn't just take something precious away without there being something better He has in store for us. I have to have faith in the Lord and I know that He knows what is best.

Luckily we get to finish out the summer so we are gonna go out with a bang! I am so grateful for the organization and what it has done for me, Gamma in particular. I will always love and cherish it.

June 16, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Brown

Yesterday one of my very best friends was married to the love of his life who was the most beautiful bride. They were sealed in the salt lake temple in the morning then had a ring ceremony and reception last night. I adore these two and it has been so fun to watch them over the 3 years they have been together now. Chris is a convert to the church and was baptized two years ago. Watching him come out of the temple with his new wife happier than ever was the most amazing site. I love them so much and am so happy for them and their new life they get to begin together.

Congrats Chris and Lauren! I love you guys!

Brianna and I taking our wedding pic... haha


Mr. and Mrs. Brown

Brianna and I were the unofficial groomsmen

Family and friends of the groom

Friends of the bride and groom

groom and groomsmen

We love the bride and groom!

Reception center, congrats!

My date

After we saw the happy couple off

June 11, 2011


Pandora has become my new obsession. I love it. My most frequently listened to stations are:

Bon Iver

Justin Bieber (obviously)

Dixie Chicks (I love me some country!)

But my absolute favorite right now is Adele. First of all I just love her, and I had it on today while cleaning my room and a Colbie Caillat version of "I Want You Back" came on and so did "At Last" by Etta James.

Such good stuff!

P.S. Soooo happy with sytycd's top 20! It's gonna be a heck of a season. Here's a little preview...

June 9, 2011

Top 20

Auditions were awesome...

Vegas week was as intense as ever...

And tonight the top 20 will be selected....


Who's gonna make the cut?

Can't wait to find out!

June 8, 2011

Spontaneous Road Trip

Being spontaneous is something I have never been very good at. I wish I was more that way, but I'm the type of person that likes to have a plan and know what I'm doing and when. However, this weekend I practiced some spontaneity when I went on a last minute trip to St. George.

I was with this darling boy on Saturday when his friend called him and invited us to go on a quick trip to St. George with him and this other girl the next day. He said we would leave Sunday morning after church then get back Monday night. This was totally out of my comfort zone because I normally would need a few days notice, but after talking about it for a second I just kinda of decided "why not?" So it was settled! We went to sacrament the next morning, stopped and got our stuff, then hit the open road to St. George. The drive flew by and we made it there in no time.

The other girl that went had a house down there that we stayed at and it was beautiful. We lounged around a little bit when we got there and the boys brought all this stuff to make tin foil dinners. We made our dinners at the house then took them to a nearby park where there was a grill to cook. Boy were those dinners good! After dinner we made our way over to the Dixie Rock where we saw the city and danced to some music. We ended the night back at the house playing some card games.

We woke up the next morning to loud construction in the backyard and workers who had no shame staring through the windows at us. We made a delicious breakfast complete with eggs, potatoes, and sausage then got our swimsuits on to head to Gunlock Falls. My good friend had just told me about this place because he was there the weekend before and after seeing pictures I knew we had to go. It's this beautiful place with all these waterfalls flowing over the red rocks that I guess only happens 2-3 weeks out of the year. So we picked a great time to go! We spent all Monday afternoon there jumping off rocks into the cold water, hiking, and swimming. I thought I was extreme enough jumping off the 15 foot jump, but there were other people there jumping off 70 foot cliffs... it was nuts! You couldn't pay me to do that. After Gunlock Falls we went and got food, showered, cleaned up the house, then headed for home getting back late that night.

Although I wish we could have stayed at least one more day, it was such a fun little trip full of fun things. Being spontaneous isn't so bad after all!

June 3, 2011

Just some stuff

So basically I have been a slacker and haven't been on this thing in a while! I wish I had more exciting things to share but basically....
Life is good
It's finally June
The weather is beautiful
and I struggle with online classes... especially in the summer.

The two biggest excitements for me right now are SYTYCD and MIAMI HEAT.

So you think you can dance finally started which makes it officially summer. Oh how I love this show! Its only been the audition phase and I am 100% obsessed, as always. The dancers are amazing, the judges are the best, and I just fall in love every season. Next week begins the intense Vegas week and I can't wait! This girl was on last night's LA audition and was unreal!!

Also, the finals are going on right now and I'm all about the Heat. Not because of LeBron, even though he is amazing, but because of Dwyane Wade. He's always been one of my favorites and I would love to see him win. So maybe I'm not necessarily all about the Heat, just all about Dwyane.
The series are tied right now so we'll see what happens!