January 31, 2011


I must have one of those familiar faces because I get told daily that I look like someone else or remind people of someone they know. I wish I had a dime for every time I got asked:

"Has anyone ever told you that you look like so and so?"

"Do you know so and so? You could be their twin!"

"Is so and so your older sister? You look just like her."

I would be a rich girl!

January 29, 2011

bailar de salsa

Remember my dancing withdrawals?
Well tonight I was able to come out of that when I went salsa dancing for the first time! Yes, I salsa danced, shook my hips and everything. I was pretty nervous because I had never done it before, but my friend took me and honestly it was soooo much fun! I didn't think I would have had nearly as much fun as I did or that I would want to go back and do it again. But I did and I do. I think it was just what I needed :)

January 26, 2011

"We should consider every day lost in which we have not danced at least once."

I miss it.

I miss the good old days when dance was literally all I did. Whether it be at school or at a studio, I was always dancing. Ever since I began college, I have still taken classes but the amount of time I have spent dancing has significantly decreased. I've been going through some serious withdrawals. But guess what?? Starting in the fall the U will have a dance minor!!! To say I was psyched out of my mind when I heard this would be an understatement.

January 25, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Last night I was over at this families house who I go see every so often and a bunch of the kids were watching the Little Mermaid.
The 6-year-old girl was sitting on my lap and was very focused on the movie.

I asked her, "Is Ariel your favorite disney princess?"

And without losing focus, she said, "No, she is my second favorite."

Then I asked her, "Oh really? Who is your first?"

Without an ounce of hesitation she calmly said, "Taylor Swift."

Cutest thing I have ever heard! I guess T-Swift could be thought of as a princess... I mean haven't you heard Love Story?

This is why I love little children.

January 21, 2011


Last night I was able to go to this cool little concert in someone's house.
Joshua James was the featured artist.
He was supposed to perform at Velor this weekend but due to a death in the family it got cancelled and so he decided to do this little free show last night instead. It was so fun and such a cool atmosphere.
Luckily a friend of a friend of a friend new about it so that is how I was able to go. I love connections, too bad I don't have any!
Anyways, it was soooooo good and here is a little bit of it!
(Sorry it's so dark)

January 20, 2011


For one of my classes (Parenting and Cultures to be exact), we are required to do a certain amount of community service hours throughout the semester.

We were given a list of different organizations we could volunteer with and many of them had representatives come and talk to us about their program. After hearing about them all, we then had to sign up for a specific one to work with and what day and time each week we would be attending.

Today Alfred came and talked to us about his program. This man blew me away. This is his story...

Alfred grew up in a family that he stated was "the poster family for welfare." They had it tough to say the least. His father was abusive to his mother, but she eventually escaped with her children. When he was 5, his mom remarried into a relationship that also eventually became abusive. He wasn't happy and Alfred starting acting out and became involved with gangs and drugs and things of that nature at age 11. He told of witnessing multiple friends get murdered in different ways, of all the drugs, and the depression and emptiness he felt.

He thought everything would be fixed if he found his real dad and somehow got his parents back together. To his dismay, when he found his father he was a homeless alcoholic who had lost a leg from getting run over by a train because he passed out drunk on a train tack.

His hope of finding happiness again was gone.

One day, he saw this older man walking around his neighborhood who did not look like he belonged there. It was a 60-year-old man in funny clothing who had left his home and comfort zone, to come to this new place and try to make a difference. He started by simply walking around the streets cleaning off graffiti and helping people with anything they needed.

Alfred heard he was a nice guy so he decided to go to talk to him. This man got to know Alfred and told him he was worth something and of value, which is not something he had ever been told before.

This man changed Alfred's life and because of all he went through and the impact this man had on his life, he decided he was going to give back.

Alfred and his wife started this organization called the Dream Center. Basically they help troubled teens and they also give classes to the parents about empowerment and how to help their struggling children. If started off with just volunteers tutoring the children in math in science, but it has evolved so much in the past few years. Now they have their own arts academy (complete with dance classes, instrument lessons, and their own Glee Club) and he even remodeled an old trailer and set up a mobile doctors office so that families can receive free medical care that travels to them. Everything is free for the community and the most incredible thing to me was that even Alfred himself is strictly a volunteer.

The Dream Center was nominated and selected to receive a brand new multi-million dollar building that will be done by Extreme Home Makeover. Real Salt Lake is going to donate and provide an indoor soccer arena for the kids. (To learn more about the Dream Center, click here.)

This man was incredible. I looked around the classroom and there wasn't a dry eye. His story was so moving and he taught me so much about love and charity.

There need to be more people like Alfred. He wanted to make a difference and so he did. He is changing the world.

January 17, 2011


"Darkness cannot drive out darkness;
only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate;
only love can do that."
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Happy MLK Day!

January 14, 2011

So Long Red Butte

Well Red Butte, it's been a good run.
I have loved the 8 months we have spent together and I have to say I am a little sad our time together ends at 5:00 tomorrow evening.
We have made great memories and I have met so many awesome people because of you.
You were always so good to me and your fish tacos changed my life.
You can guarantee I will be back to visit.
Thank you so much for having me!

January 11, 2011

Thank you...

When it comes to Late Night TV, Jimmy Fallon is the best out there (at least in my opinion). He does this segment on Fridays called "Thank you notes."
Sometimes I just watch clips of these if I'm looking for a good laugh so I thought I would share one with you in case you're in need of a good laugh too!
Hope you enjoy!

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Thank You Notes (12/17/10) - Video - NBC.com

Thank you, roommates, for getting me hooked on Jimmy Fallon!

P.S. Hope everyone survived their first day of school! And if you have already been in school for more than one day, hope it's going well!

January 10, 2011


Does anybody STILL get the night-before-school jitters like I do?? It's funny, even after all the first day's of school I've been through, I still find myself laying in bed anxiously anticipating that day of new classes, new teachers, and being lost. I dread it, I'm nervous, and I'm excited all at the same time! It just doesn't make sense. I am actually kind of excited for this semester and to get back into school. I know...

Even still, the break was wonderful and very much needed. And I couldn't have imagined ending it any better! I spent it with some of my best friends down in Provo just having fun doing nothing but giggling all night long. It doesn't get much better than that!

"No matter how serious life
gets, you always have to
have those people you can
be completely stupid with."

January 8, 2011


I caved.
I got an iphone! I never thought that I, Kirstyn Marie, would be the proud owner of an iphone. You see, I'm what you could call a "techno-tard", not very savvy with the whole technology thing. But yesterday we went to the at&t store to look at phones because our contract was about up, and there was a price on the iphone that was just too good to ignore.
There was no way I could pass it up!
I didn't even really need to look at the other phones, it was a no brainer. So the sales lady got it for me and got me all set up. I was asking her some questions about it and I swear she thought I was a cavewoman for not knowing how the thing worked already.
It hasn't quite been 24 hours since the iphone has been in my life, but I am slowing figuring things out on this delicate little mystery. I even got a cute little case and screen protector for it!
I'm just so used to having pretty old school and simple phones that this is a whole new ball game. So if any of you out there are fellow iphone owners and would be willing to give me a tutorial, I could definitely use one.

January 6, 2011

Celeb Spotting

The other day, my younger brother went to the temple and did baptisms with the ym/yw. I saw him later that night and asked how it was and he proceeds to tell me about a certain "celeb" he happened to bump into there. Niel and I joke around with each other a lot so naturally when he tells me who it is I don't believe him. But after a little investigating I find out he was actually telling the truth! Who was that certain someone you may ask?
This guy right here.....


I guess you could say I was a little jealous. It's not like he's adorable with a perfect voice or anything...

January 5, 2011

Sister Sparks

This is Megan.

One of my cute, cute roommates from down at SUU and now one of my best friends. We instantly bonded when people began telling us we looked like twins and some people couldn't even tell us apart. Would we correct them? Sometimes. But mostly we would just go with it.

She just left of her mission today to Cambodia. CAMBODIA! I know she is going to be amazing and change so many lives. I am so blessed I was able to meet her and for the incredible example she has been to me. I am going to miss her terribly, but am so excited for her. I love all the fun memories we have made and I can't wait for more when she returns. Love you Meg!

New Year, New Blog!

So here I am, just sitting in my bed late at night and I said to myself, "hey, I'm going to start a blog!" I always enjoy looking at them and will confess to being a maaaaajor blog stalker (who isn't right?), but I never thought I would ever actually have anything to blog about. Well I guess we will see! So here goes nothing.... new year, new start, new blog. Hope you enjoy!!!