April 30, 2011

Tight Eyez

Ok this guy is UNREAL!!! I wish I could move like this...

April 28, 2011

Facebook Fast

I'm doing it.
Starting today no facebook for me until finals are done and over with!
Next Wednesday after 10 p.m. to be exact.
That's the plan at least, hopefully I can stick to it.
I just figured I can't have that distraction this week.
Too much studying.
Far too much.
So that facebook fast begins.
Wish me luck!

April 26, 2011


This is my sweet little Ziggy.
Also knows as Zig, Ziggers, Ziggybum, Punkin, Ziggykins, Baby, Ziggenheimensteimer, and Z.

I love this little fellow dearly.
He's the sweetest, most lovable thing you will ever meet.
(Not to mention also the neediest, but that's ok it's hard to say no the that cute little face.)
He makes a great cuddle buddy and also provides for some awesome entertainment.
(One day he will finally catch that curly tail of his.)
I am so happy this darling pooch has come into our family.
I just love this guy!

April 25, 2011

Photo shoot, Luau, and 1920's

So last week was a little bit crazy so I didn't have a whole lot of time to blog! So here are just some updates...

Sunday we had a little gamma photo shoot at the garden park ward. We wore navy and white and took lots and lots of pictures. I just love these girls.

Thursday night we had our end of year gamma banquet at my house. I have to admit it was a little stressful getting ready for this thing, especially trying to make the slideshow. I was having way too many technical difficulties but thanks to a friend who had been helping me who figured it out literally in the nick of time. Everyone was so great and helpful and everything came together. It was luau themed and we spent the night eating hawaiian haystacks, listening to hawaiian music, passing down baskets, saying goodbye to old officers and welcoming new, watching the slideshow, end of year gifts, and just having a good time! This semester has flown by...

Friday I went to the Phi fraternity date night. It was 1920's themed and called the Gangsta Gala. I guess it's something they do every year and boy did they go all out! It was held at a warehouse they rented out complete with decorations, food, and different rooms with different activities like card games, shooting, and mafia. I'm glad I had such a nice date because this night was a little rough for me... I had been pretty under the weather all week and just when I thought I was getting better, I wasn't. Earlier this day I had gone to the doctor and got my medicine and thought I was good to go. Then about 2 hours before my date was supposed to pick me up my eyes had suddenly become infected and would not stop itching or watering. All night long I walked around with extremely bloodshot eyes streaming tears. People would look at me funny and ask if I was ok and why I was crying haha. I had a few different clever responses such as, "Yes I'm just so happy to be here" or "my date is just so mean to me" or "oh it's those darn allergies." Despite my unfortunate eye problem, it was a really fun night and my date was so nice about it. Poor guy, I was embarrassed for him to be with me.

And I officially have only 2 more days of classes! YAAAAAAAAAAY!!! A week from wednesday I am officially home free. Free at last...

April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

"Oh, sweet the joy this sentence gives:
'I know that my Redeemer lives!'"

April 17, 2011

On my mind...

I feel like my mind has been racing a thousand miles a minutes the past few days. So many different things have been on my mind. Here's a little peek inside my noggin.

Figuring out what to do for school has been such a struggle for me. I just worked on my Associates for my first two years of school to buy me some time to decide a major, but when that was done I was still at a loss! I found a lot of things to be interesting, but nothing really stuck out to me. After a lot of thinking, praying, and beginning a job that worked with a little girl, I finally decided to go with the major human development and family studies. I could not be happier with this decision and I have loved this major. (Step 1: CHECK!) Then it was figuring out what to do from there. There are quite a few possibilities and that was another hard decision to make. I had been looking into all the different programs and kept going back to counseling. I had a meeting with my academic advisor on Thursday and told her about my thoughts and BAM! My fall and spring semester schedules were made for next year and she told me I would be graduating next spring!!! WHAT?! Talk about growing up. So basically I will be graduating with my bachelor's in human development and family studies along with a certificate through a program that is preparation for the masters counseling program. I could not be more excited! It doesn't seem real. When I was little and was asked the question, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" I never said a counselor. But I am so excited about it and it feels like the right thing! It's funny how things change... but that's life right?

Oh how I love Gamma. I know I have talked about it before, but truly I love all the girls and how much it has blessed my life. I couldn't be more excited for next year as I begin a new journey with gamma as the president. I am extremely nervous, especially after what an amazing president we had this year (such big shoes to fill!) but I am so excited and know it is going to be such an incredible experience. I am also a tad nervous for this week because it is our end of the year banquet. It is at my house so I have lots to do to get ready and I also have to show a slideshow from this last semester. I have been working on it but due to my struggles with technology I am having some difficulties. If anyone has a mac and is an expert at iMovie, please let me know!!

The sun has been shining!!!! Since the weather can't make up it's mind I feel like I need to take advantage of when the sun is out because who knows how long it is going to last. I know mother nature is probably teasing me AGAIN and is going hit me with another blizzard, but I can't wait until it is out for good.

Only a few more weeks until I am home free. I don't think a semester has ever come and gone so quickly as this one did. I can't wait for the huge relief I am going to feel once finals are over and summer officially begins.

Last night I got to attend a murder mystery surprise party for a good friend. His cute fiance Lauren planned the whole thing and it turned out great. She had mailed all of us who were participating a little packet with all the information giving us our character and costume ideas. We showed up at her house as her parents were finishing preparing everything and explained to us how the night would work. We each got little booklets specific to our character and waited anxiously for Lauren and Chris to arrive. They arrived and we successfully surprised the birthday boy! They changed into their costumes and the game began. I have to say it got pretty intense and tricky to keep track of everything, but it was sooo much fun. We started downstairs with a little cocktail party and did two rounds. After that we moved upstairs where we had a delicious dinner and completed the last two rounds where the birthday boy ended up being the murderer. Figures. It was a blast and I'm definitely going to have to do another one of those again soon.

I probably sound like a broken record because I have also talked about this before, but I feel so incredibly blessed to have all the people that I do in my life. They are truly amazing and I feel like I am surrounded my so many wonderful examples who make me want to be a better person. I know they were all placed in my life for a reason. I am so lucky to have family that I consider my best friends and best friends that I consider family.

So you think you can dance season 8 begins May 26th!!! I could not be more excited. Soon begins the Wednesday and Thursday night traditions of watching and getting way too emotionally involved. Only 39 more days!! I guess I am just going to have to keep watching videos like this until that day comes.

April 13, 2011

Nervous Habits

I have been sitting in the library for a good 3 hours now studying for a quiz and a test today (don't you hate when things seem to always fall on the same day?) and have caught myself participating in many nervous habits. I also wanted an excuse to have a study break so I thought I would blog about it!
  • Nail polish picking. Before I know it I'll look at my nails and all my nail polish has been completely picked off. This is why I rarely paint my nails... it never lasts long.
  • Leg shaking. Suddenly I will realize my body and the table I am at is slightly shaking due to the nervous, rapid motion of my foot moving up and down.
  • Hair twirling. After a little while of reading I will notice my finger caught in a dread lock I have just formed in my hair. Then begins the nervous habit process of working it out.
  • Talking out loud. This is something that usually helps me when studying, but I have to be extra careful when I am in places such as the library. I don't even realize my out loud studying until I start to notice the funny looks I'm getting from the people around me. They have all now just learned the stages of pregnancy from me... my apologies.

April 10, 2011


I have a new found love for Provo. I've never hated it but I'll admit to mocking it frequently being an avid Ute fan and all. After last night though, Provo definitely went up in my books. Don't worry though, I will always bleed red.

We went down last night and stayed so that we could attend a homecoming this morning. There was a free concert going on at the grand opening of Riverwood so we thought we would check it out. The featured artist was none other that SUGAR RAY!! I'll be honest I had no idea those guys were still around. When I found out they were performing I didn't really know what to expect, but it ended up being soooo much fun and I surprisingly remembered the words to their 3 songs that I knew. We just sang and danced our hearts out to good ole Sugar Ray and had a blast. The guys behind us thought we were a little nuts, but oh well we had fun.

Here's a little bit of their opening song!

(Sorry the camera is so shaky and I tried to show Sadie and I singing along but I forgot I had zoomed in so it didn't really work haha)

Another highlight of the evening was that this guy made an appearance...

The audience was Jimmered. They had someone in the crowd hold this big bowl and gave Jimmer a small basketball and had him try to make it in (hence the squinting in this photo to be able to see the bowl). There is no denying the guy is amazing. And so sweet and humble.

After the unforgettable concert there was a firework show and even more dancing. We went and got food, visited friends, and ended the night by falling asleep to the Last Song.

It was a great little trip to Provo, who knew it was such a happening place?! And the homecoming was amazing. I love hearing return missionaries speak about the incredible experiences they had and the love they have for being a missionary and serving the Lord. They have the sweetest spirits and such powerful testimonies. Even if it isn't given in English.

Until next time Provo!

April 9, 2011

Daddy-Daughter Date

Sometimes all I want to do when the weekend rolls around is hang out at home, relax, and catch up on sleep. With how busy the weeks are with school and work I get so exhausted and it finally seems to catch up with me.

Last night was one of those nights.

I decided I wasn't going to change out my sweats or put on make up and just relax at home and do some homework. (NERD ALERT!) There was a cool benefit concert going on that a bunch of my friends were going to, but I just could not seem to gather the energy to be out and about.

So the decision was made.

I had been on the phone with my dad earlier who was at work and when he asked what my plans were I told him I was just going to stay in. My dad always jokes with me about how I'm too busy and never home and so he was pretty surprised with my decision.

I had been working on homework for a while when my dad got home with dinner in hand and a movie. We had the classic dinner and a movie date and it was great. Just the homework break I needed. Due to my tiredness I didn't even make it through the first 10 minutes of the movie before I was dead asleep, but it was so sweet and thoughtful of my dad and it was nice to get to spend some time with him.

April 6, 2011


I wish my laundry would do itself.
I wish I would have been more prepared for the rain last night and worn a jacket.
I wish I had more self-discipline.
I wish I wouldn't sleep through my alarm.
I wish every day was taco tuesday.
I wish I wasn't afraid to speak up.
I wish I knew more about technology.
I wish my mom wasn't out of town.
I wish to go to Costa Rica.
I wish I could read minds.
I wish my homework would do itself.
I wish I wasn't such a worrier.
I wish to own a ranch.
I wish I would have gone skiing this winter season.
I wish I was a morning person.
I wish to travel.
I wish I had more scriptures memorized.
I wish for the warmth of summer sunshine.
I wish time would slow down just a little.

April 5, 2011

Sweet Baby Ray's

I'm gonna go ahead a take a minute to advertise for this delicious bottle of goodness pictured below...

This stuff is heaven in a bottle.
Definitely the best of the best in the world of barbecue sauce.
Kylee and I made a delicious bbq chicken pizza with it once and the other night my mom made bbq salmon and wow...


Try it and see for yourself!
You wont regret it.

April 3, 2011

GC Weekend

I love conference.
Words are always spoken directly to me and are incredible answers to prayers.
The words of the amazing leaders of our church are so inspiring and I can just feel their testimonies strengthening mine.
Conference is my spiritual rejuvenation and I am grateful to be apart of such a wonderful organization that this church is.
I can't imagine my life without it.

One a side note... can you BELIEVE this weather?!
It's hard to imagine that two days ago I was in shorts and a t-shirt and now today I am watching a blizzard outside my house.
Usually I love the snow. I enjoy it for skiing and think it is so pretty, but I am completely over it now.
I'm ready for warmth! Consistent warmth.
This is Utah for ya... always teasing me.

Anyways, happy April!!