August 18, 2011


Dear SUU,
Thank you for finally sending me my Associates degree today... a whole year later.

Dear Costa Vida,
You totally hit the spot today. Mmmmmmm so good.

Dear Acne,
Will you ever go away?

Dear tub of ice cream in the freezer,
I can't wait to eat you :)

Dear East Canyon,
Your water was a little cold, but boating on your was fabulous.

Dear Michelle and Mick,
Can't wait for your big day tomorrow!!!

Dear weeds,
Would you please stop growing so I don't have to keep digging you up?

Dear summer,
You have been great, I'm sad I only get a few days left with you.

Dear sunburn,
Thank you for turning into a tan and not peeling for the first time in my life!

Dear Niel,
I will get you to let me read those raps you write.

Dear book I have been trying to read ever since the beginning of the summer,
One day I will finish you.

Dear fall semester,
Bring it on!

Dear iphone,
Now that I understand you better, I have come to absolutely love and adore you.

Dear MUSS,
I can't wait to be a part of you this year to cheer on the Utes!

Dear Identity Crisis,
You are one of my new favorite games.

Dear bed,
You look so comfy right now, I can't wait to cuddle up and fall asleep in you.


  1. i love little dear posts. can i sign my name at the bottom of your acne letter too? who knew i would be worse off in college than middle school & high school.

  2. umm can i dido the acne letter as well? why is my face taking revenge on me now?