February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Brianna!

(Don't hate me, but you know how I feel about this picture! haha)


B-e-a-utiful! She seriously is one of the most gorgeous people I know, on the inside and the out.
R andom fact knower. I love when she whips out one of her silly "Did you know..." facts. Just ask her about elephants and jumping haha.
I ncredibly musically talented. Piano, violin, singing... she's is AMAZING! I could listen to her play the violin all day and I love singing next to her in church, she'll harmonize and keep me on tune.
A dmirable is sooooooo many ways. I look up to her in more ways than she could ever know.
N ever a dull moment. We always have so much fun together and giggling with her is my favorite.
N o one has a bigger heart. She would do anything for anyone.
A mazing friend! She is the best friend any one could ever ask for!

I love you Brianna and hope you have the best birthday ever!!

February 27, 2011


I had the best 21st birthday ever, thanks to all the amazing people I have in my life.
WARNING: About to get sappy

I honestly feel like I am the luckiest girl in the whole world. I don't know how I got so lucky to have such incredible family and friends, but I couldn't ask for better people to have in my life. I have been somewhat of an emotional wreck all day just contemplating on how truly amazing they are. I only wish I could be as good to them as they are to me. The birthday festivities never seemed to end and I was honored to have an unforgettable surprise party thanks to all the hard work my parents and friends put into planning it. I wish I could describe how I feel right now, but I honestly don't know how to put it in words. I just want all my family and friends to know how grateful I am for all of them and how much I love them. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday and I owe it all to everyone around me. Thank you so much for making 21 the best birthday ever. It was perfect.

I love you all!

"Time goes by fast, you must never miss the opportunity to tell people how much they mean to you."

February 24, 2011

Rear in Gear

I don't know what my deal is, but my motivation level right now is rock bottom.
A zero.
Maybe even in the negatives.
I don't know if it's the fact the spring break is looming in the distance and then summer is shortly after, or the fact that we just had a long weekend, or just that this seems to always happen to me in spring semester. Whatever it is, I cannot, I repeat CANNOT get myself motivated!

Homework? What's that?
Exercise? Eh I'll do it tomorrow...
Alarm clock going of in the morning? SNOOZE PLEASE!

Anyways, I gotta figure something out to get back in the swing of things. It's really getting out of hand!

February 22, 2011


Cedar City Reunion Tour 2011

It finally happened.
Thank you President's weekend for allowing an extra day off of school to let us finally have our Cedar City reunion. Everyone is busy and has different schedules so it's hard to find a time for all of us to get together, but this weekend was perfect because everyone was able to go! (With the exception of Megan who is on a mission, but she was there in spirit. Miss her.) Cute Camille was able to borrow her parents van and six of us (Andrea, Cami, Michelle, Rachel, Sadie, and me) piled in as we road tripped down to Cedar to visit and stay with Taryn who is still going to school there. The majority of the weekend consisted of us simply catching up with each other and visiting old friends. That is something I absolutely love about being with this group of girls. We don't need to be doing anything, we could just be sitting in an apartment watching episodes of gossip girl (which may or may not be something we did) and I will be having the time of my life. Some of these girls I have only known for about 3 years, but I feel like I have known my whole life. I know I met them for a reason my first year at SUU and feel so blessed to have gotten to know them and to have them in my life. They have become like me sisters. My best friends. I love and admire them all so much and for different reasons. We are all doing different things now, but when we all get together it's like we have never been apart. It was so great to all be together, I couldn't imagine a better way to spend my long weekend!

Here are some pics of our adventures:

Marty just hanging out by himself next to a gas station in Scipio

All of us together at Costa Vida. It was our Thursday tradition along with watching ellen so it was a must on our list of things to do

Visiting my old dorm my first year in Juniper! (a.k.a. jennifer, junipoo, jupiter)

Reuniting with Gavo


Mini vans for life

DQ blizzards... the best

Justin Bieber Never Say Never. Second time seeing it and not even embarrassed about it. We couldn't stop talking about it and jammed to JB songs all weekend long

Sunday din din

Goodbye lunch at Wingers. We love sticky fingers

Can't wait for CCRT round 2!


February 16, 2011


I have a problem.
Here I go trying to make my first step towards recovery by admitting I have a problem.
I am addicted. But not to just one thing, it's multiple things. I realized lately that is has gone beyond the point of me just thoroughly enjoying these things, I am 100% obsessed. Addicted. So bare with me as I am about to come clean...

Words With Friends
Ok so remember how I am a recent owner of the iphone? Well someone introduced me to this app and I can't stop playing. It's basically scrabble that you can play with people. It got to the point where if I wanted to play and someone I was in a game with wasn't responding fast enough, I would just start a new one with a random opponent. Before I knew it I had about 8 separate games going and was checking every 5 seconds to see if someone had made a move. Obsessed? I think so. So if you have this app then find me and we'll play! (Or maybe not since it is an addiction and I am trying to overcome it... or at least have control over it)

I LOVE getting my hair cut. I just love the feeling of having it look healthy with no split ends and not to mention the awesome scalp massage that comes along with getting your hair washed. The lady I go to changed my life with her scalp massage. It's about 10 minutes of pure bliss with me falling asleep just about every time. Not only does she massage my scalp, but my neck too. It really is the best thing ever and I want to cry every time it's over. It's mainly this reason that I find myself at Lunatic Fringe about every 2 months now. It's getting out of hand.

Orange Juice
This is like my water. If I'm thirsty or feel dehydrated I'll go to the fridge for a class of OJ instead of ice cold water. Weird I know. Anytime of the day with any meal, orange juice just tastes soooo good! It's ridiculous the amounts of orange juice my house goes through because of me.

Bubble Baths
Nothing relaxes me or makes me feel better like a nice, warm bubble bath. Especially in these cold, wintery months. If I'm cold at my house instead of maybe grabbing a sweatshirt or a blanket, I go take a bubble bath. This is a real problem considering the water I am wasting. I'm working on it though.

Cheese and Crackers
The best snack. I feel like I little kid when I come home from school and get my little plate of cheese and crackers, but it's just so good! I just recently broke our nifty little cheese slicer due to how often I use it.

So You Think You Can Dance
Ok, so this is probably the worst of them all. This is my all-time favorite show and I am not kidding when I say I watch it religiously. I record it every season and will re-watch episodes multiple times. This show creates so many emotions in me and does things to me that makes it embarrassing to watch with other people because of what it does to me (except for Brianna who feels the same way I do). I laugh, I cry, I get chills, you name it. When I think summer I don't think of the sun and swimming pools, I think of so you think you can dance. After I finish this post, I will probably youtube a few of my favorite dances before I go to sleep. Yeah it's a serious problem. I sure do love it though!

Anyways, thank you for listening and letting me confess my addictions. It feels good to get that off my chest.

February 14, 2011

Day of Love

Happy Valentine's Day!

February 13, 2011


Welcome home Maxy Poo!

Max and I have grown up together and been friends for a long time. We met in the third grade, found out we were related, and BAM! Best friends. We went to the same ward, same elementary, I would help him with his paper route, and remember spending many summer nights playing night games on the golf course that was his backyard. We have made so many incredible memories and he truly is like a brother to me. He just recently returned home from his mission in Florida and I know he was just the best missionary ever. He is one of the greatest people I know and it's so good to have him back home!

Saying goodbye...

Welcoming him home!

February 11, 2011

The Rents

This post is going out to my cute, sweet parents.
To put it simply, they are the best.
This last week, I had a little mishap with my car (and by mishap I mean sliding on some ice and hitting a curb) and unfortunately did more damage to my car than I thought making it not drivable. This was very stressful considering how necessary a car is for me for school and work. I tried coordinating with my brothers but they are really busy as well and it just wasn't working out.
But my parents, like the champions they are, came to my rescue. They both work a lot and have plenty of things they need to do, but they worked out their schedules with each other so that they could share a car leaving one available for me when I needed it.
Talk about parents-of-the-year award!
So all week long I had my mom's car while her and my dad shared until I got mine back today.
Basically my parents are the sweetest people around and this is just only a tiny example of all the things they have done for me.
They are the BEST and I love them so much!
So, heres to you mom and dad!

25 years and still going strong!

February 8, 2011

Campus Convos

Do you ever find yourself walking on campus, or anywhere for that matter, and you hear only parts of people's conversations that make you wonder what in the world they could be talking about or that just make you laugh? I love that and heard some pretty good ones today.
  1. "So... my mom doesn't really like you." - Poor person on the other end of that phone conversation!
  2. "Do I really wanna live in Cedar City? Isn't it just full of hicks and Amish people?" - This just made me laugh being a former resident of Cedar, gotta love it!
  3. "I don't think I wanna do biology anymore, I hate rocks." - HAHA, this one was my favorite of the day.
Who knew walking to and from class could be so entertaining!

February 7, 2011

Cheese head

Although I'm not a packers or a steelers fan, I was a cheese head this super bowl and was glad green bay came out with the W!

And I think I must have missed something during the half-time show because I think I'm one of the few people who actually enjoyed it. The only thing I could have done without was Fergie, but other than that I thought it was good! Lots of lights, Slash, Usher, the dancers, the energy... pure entertainment.

I have to say though that there have been super bowls with better commercials than this one.

Until next year!

February 6, 2011


I am in a LDSSA sorority called Gamma and this weekend we had a lovely retreat at a cabin up in midway. I can honestly say it was one of the funnest (most fun?) nights I have had in a long time. We spent the night giggling and just enjoying a good old fashioned girls night. Here is what some of the festivities included:
  • eating delicious taco soup (followed by a variety of junk food of course)
  • making mod podge journals
  • a dance party (woke up sore the next morning)
  • a HILARIOUS game of rollick
  • chatting and getting to know each other better
  • eventually sleep
  • and waking up to bagels and a winter wonderland outside

I had sooo much fun and feel so lucky to have met and gotten to know these girls! They are becoming some of my best friends and I can't wait to get to know them even better and have more adventures with them as the semester continues.

I love my gamma girls!

February 2, 2011

Who I Am

I stole this idea from two of my cute friends (Thanks Mandy and Mel), but I loved it and wanted to do it too!

Who I Am.

I am... happy
I want... a horse
I have... a job that I love
I wish... there were more hours in a day
I hate... olives and licorice
I fear... that time will go by too quickly
I search... for blogs to stalk :)
I wonder... what the future has in store for me
I regret... not taking more risks
I love... my family
I ache... for those in need
I always... make to-do lists
I usually... procrastinate
I am not... creative
I dance... whenever I have a chance!
I sing... horribly, but do it anyway
I never... have a clean room
I sometimes... take naps
I cry... in Extreme Home Makeover
I am not always... focused
I lose... in just about every card game
I am confused... by boys
I need... my Savior
I should... tell people I love them more often

Who are you?