July 5, 2011

4th of July Fun

I absolutely LOVE the 4th of July, it's my favorite holiday. There's warm weather, family, good food, and fireworks. What's not to love? And these past couple days have been filled with so much holiday fun!

First we went up to Logan to celebrate my mom's birthday. We went to dinner with the grandparents, played on the farm, then went to the Beach Boys concert! I know what your thinking.... and yes, the Beach Boys are still around. I have to admit I was a little nervous considering there is one original Beach Boy left who is about 70 years old, but they still know how to jam and it was a ton of fun to be there. I've never seen so many cute old folks dance their hearts out. We ended the night by a game of bowling (which by the way I beat Niel. He wont admit it, but it happened) then back to the grandparents to spend the night.

Next on the agenda was Richfield. We left Logan Friday morning, arrived in Salt Lake to pack up a few things, then Danny and I were off the Richfield later that afternoon to spend a few days with his family. We spent the next few days at his grandparents house eating delicious meals, playing Farkle and Uno, lighting fireworks and dry ice bombs, spending a day on Cove Mountain, hiking, dipping our feet in the stream, getting eaten alive by mosquitos, seeing the progress on the cabin, trying to make fire, laying in a meadow, watching home videos and looking at old photo albums, star gazing, going to church, napping, watching people hunt for big foot, and listening to stories. It was such a fun few days and his family was so great and sweet. They made me feel right at home and they were tons of fun to be with. (And just for the record, Danny is the boyfriend. My cousin gave me a hard time about not saying that on the blog so here I am! Haha love you Jackie)

After Richfield it was time to head back up to Logan for the 4th of July and to Celebrate my grandpa's 90th birthday, my grandma's 86th birthday, and their 65th wedding anniversary. Lots of things to celebrate! We watched the classic Hyrum parade then headed to a pavilion where the Hawaiian themed party would begin. Literally every single relative on my mom's side was in town for this, all 83 of them, and that hasn't happened since I was a baby. It was so fun to have everyone together and see all the relatives that I never get to see. The family has grown so much that I didn't even know some of them. It was a great way to celebrate my grandparents and all they have done. There was a program full of music, dancing, skits, and tributes to the grandparents along with a presentation of a timeline of their entire life. Every little detail was on that thing. We played minute to win it games, had a water fight, played bingo, watched a game of football the guys were playing, and just chatted and kept entertained by all the little ones. We ended the night by watching the Hyrum fireworks then lighting off a bunch off our own. (Wyoming ones of course).

isn't he cute?

Hope everyone had a happy 4th as well! God bless America!


  1. Kirstyn! I absolutely love your blog! You & your boy are adorable! Hope you're doing well!

  2. That sounds like such a fun weekend! And I especially love the cute boy in this post ;)

  3. Kirstyn- you are seriously such a beautiful and fun girl. I am jealous of the amazing adventures you had and love hearing about your life. Danny is such a lucky man because you are seriously one of the greatest girls I know. Love you!

  4. K, so there are way too many stories you need to catch me up on when I get back. Danny is cute! Can't wait to hear more about him. Love ya tons