April 25, 2011

Photo shoot, Luau, and 1920's

So last week was a little bit crazy so I didn't have a whole lot of time to blog! So here are just some updates...

Sunday we had a little gamma photo shoot at the garden park ward. We wore navy and white and took lots and lots of pictures. I just love these girls.

Thursday night we had our end of year gamma banquet at my house. I have to admit it was a little stressful getting ready for this thing, especially trying to make the slideshow. I was having way too many technical difficulties but thanks to a friend who had been helping me who figured it out literally in the nick of time. Everyone was so great and helpful and everything came together. It was luau themed and we spent the night eating hawaiian haystacks, listening to hawaiian music, passing down baskets, saying goodbye to old officers and welcoming new, watching the slideshow, end of year gifts, and just having a good time! This semester has flown by...

Friday I went to the Phi fraternity date night. It was 1920's themed and called the Gangsta Gala. I guess it's something they do every year and boy did they go all out! It was held at a warehouse they rented out complete with decorations, food, and different rooms with different activities like card games, shooting, and mafia. I'm glad I had such a nice date because this night was a little rough for me... I had been pretty under the weather all week and just when I thought I was getting better, I wasn't. Earlier this day I had gone to the doctor and got my medicine and thought I was good to go. Then about 2 hours before my date was supposed to pick me up my eyes had suddenly become infected and would not stop itching or watering. All night long I walked around with extremely bloodshot eyes streaming tears. People would look at me funny and ask if I was ok and why I was crying haha. I had a few different clever responses such as, "Yes I'm just so happy to be here" or "my date is just so mean to me" or "oh it's those darn allergies." Despite my unfortunate eye problem, it was a really fun night and my date was so nice about it. Poor guy, I was embarrassed for him to be with me.

And I officially have only 2 more days of classes! YAAAAAAAAAAY!!! A week from wednesday I am officially home free. Free at last...


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  2. I love this post, I love the pictures and I love you, you sexy thang! I hope those eyes are ok. Feel better!
    (Sorry, the post above went crazy on me)