April 10, 2011


I have a new found love for Provo. I've never hated it but I'll admit to mocking it frequently being an avid Ute fan and all. After last night though, Provo definitely went up in my books. Don't worry though, I will always bleed red.

We went down last night and stayed so that we could attend a homecoming this morning. There was a free concert going on at the grand opening of Riverwood so we thought we would check it out. The featured artist was none other that SUGAR RAY!! I'll be honest I had no idea those guys were still around. When I found out they were performing I didn't really know what to expect, but it ended up being soooo much fun and I surprisingly remembered the words to their 3 songs that I knew. We just sang and danced our hearts out to good ole Sugar Ray and had a blast. The guys behind us thought we were a little nuts, but oh well we had fun.

Here's a little bit of their opening song!

(Sorry the camera is so shaky and I tried to show Sadie and I singing along but I forgot I had zoomed in so it didn't really work haha)

Another highlight of the evening was that this guy made an appearance...

The audience was Jimmered. They had someone in the crowd hold this big bowl and gave Jimmer a small basketball and had him try to make it in (hence the squinting in this photo to be able to see the bowl). There is no denying the guy is amazing. And so sweet and humble.

After the unforgettable concert there was a firework show and even more dancing. We went and got food, visited friends, and ended the night by falling asleep to the Last Song.

It was a great little trip to Provo, who knew it was such a happening place?! And the homecoming was amazing. I love hearing return missionaries speak about the incredible experiences they had and the love they have for being a missionary and serving the Lord. They have the sweetest spirits and such powerful testimonies. Even if it isn't given in English.

Until next time Provo!


  1. is it cool if i just sat here [avoiding homework still] singing along with that video? sugar ray. so random. so awesome.

  2. The Fictionist concert! I'm jealous that you went! I wanted to go! (to see Jimmer to be completely honest!) sounds like it was so fun!

  3. Too funny. Sugar Ray opened for Matchbox 20 like, 500 years ago when I saw them. Not gonna lie, jealous of the Jimmer encounter! Lucky lady!

  4. Welcome to Provo Kirstyn! haha next time you are in town, you had better give me a call! Love ya lots!