April 3, 2011

GC Weekend

I love conference.
Words are always spoken directly to me and are incredible answers to prayers.
The words of the amazing leaders of our church are so inspiring and I can just feel their testimonies strengthening mine.
Conference is my spiritual rejuvenation and I am grateful to be apart of such a wonderful organization that this church is.
I can't imagine my life without it.

One a side note... can you BELIEVE this weather?!
It's hard to imagine that two days ago I was in shorts and a t-shirt and now today I am watching a blizzard outside my house.
Usually I love the snow. I enjoy it for skiing and think it is so pretty, but I am completely over it now.
I'm ready for warmth! Consistent warmth.
This is Utah for ya... always teasing me.

Anyways, happy April!!


  1. you are darling. can we play soon please?

  2. first off conference is the best. second my heart about died when i saw the sun this morning. i was in my swimsuit washing cars just two days ago and now it's hibernation weather again. i knew it was going to rain but i had noooo idea it was going to snow. and that much too.