April 13, 2011

Nervous Habits

I have been sitting in the library for a good 3 hours now studying for a quiz and a test today (don't you hate when things seem to always fall on the same day?) and have caught myself participating in many nervous habits. I also wanted an excuse to have a study break so I thought I would blog about it!
  • Nail polish picking. Before I know it I'll look at my nails and all my nail polish has been completely picked off. This is why I rarely paint my nails... it never lasts long.
  • Leg shaking. Suddenly I will realize my body and the table I am at is slightly shaking due to the nervous, rapid motion of my foot moving up and down.
  • Hair twirling. After a little while of reading I will notice my finger caught in a dread lock I have just formed in my hair. Then begins the nervous habit process of working it out.
  • Talking out loud. This is something that usually helps me when studying, but I have to be extra careful when I am in places such as the library. I don't even realize my out loud studying until I start to notice the funny looks I'm getting from the people around me. They have all now just learned the stages of pregnancy from me... my apologies.


  1. hair twirl is my thing too. head scratch too. as if scratching my head will actually make me smarter. that quiz today? death. absolutely death.

  2. I feel yah Kirstyn. I just know you aced that test!