January 8, 2011


I caved.
I got an iphone! I never thought that I, Kirstyn Marie, would be the proud owner of an iphone. You see, I'm what you could call a "techno-tard", not very savvy with the whole technology thing. But yesterday we went to the at&t store to look at phones because our contract was about up, and there was a price on the iphone that was just too good to ignore.
There was no way I could pass it up!
I didn't even really need to look at the other phones, it was a no brainer. So the sales lady got it for me and got me all set up. I was asking her some questions about it and I swear she thought I was a cavewoman for not knowing how the thing worked already.
It hasn't quite been 24 hours since the iphone has been in my life, but I am slowing figuring things out on this delicate little mystery. I even got a cute little case and screen protector for it!
I'm just so used to having pretty old school and simple phones that this is a whole new ball game. So if any of you out there are fellow iphone owners and would be willing to give me a tutorial, I could definitely use one.


  1. You got an iphone??? that is big news for you kirstyn!!! can't wait to see it...TONIGHT!!!!

  2. Oh if you need any help just come on over! You will love it soon enough!

  3. how exciting! i'm one of those kids who constantly wishes she had at&t just so i could own an iphone.