February 11, 2011

The Rents

This post is going out to my cute, sweet parents.
To put it simply, they are the best.
This last week, I had a little mishap with my car (and by mishap I mean sliding on some ice and hitting a curb) and unfortunately did more damage to my car than I thought making it not drivable. This was very stressful considering how necessary a car is for me for school and work. I tried coordinating with my brothers but they are really busy as well and it just wasn't working out.
But my parents, like the champions they are, came to my rescue. They both work a lot and have plenty of things they need to do, but they worked out their schedules with each other so that they could share a car leaving one available for me when I needed it.
Talk about parents-of-the-year award!
So all week long I had my mom's car while her and my dad shared until I got mine back today.
Basically my parents are the sweetest people around and this is just only a tiny example of all the things they have done for me.
They are the BEST and I love them so much!
So, heres to you mom and dad!

25 years and still going strong!

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