March 26, 2012

meat market

The Gym.

I have discovered the gym is the biggest meat market around. It's strange to me. I mean there I am no make up, hair on top of my head, sweating buckets... definitely not my most attractive moments. But, as I recently witnessed, soul mates can find each other among the treadmills.

There was a young girl, probably of high school age, stretching over in the corner when these three young guys of high school age as well were blatantly checking her out. Of course I can't help but notice as the 3 boys nudge each other and eye this girl down. She has her headphones in and is completely oblivious as they get closer and closer. I immediately turn off my music so I can hear what is about to take place (such an eavesdropper!) as one guy becomes the designated speaker (DS) to the hot girl (HG):

DS: Do I know you from somewhere?
HG: (takes out headphones) I'm sorry, what?
DS: I swear I know you from somewhere....
HG: Um.... I don't think so
DS: Well since we are both such good looking people we should probably know each other
(giggles from his wingmen)

I had to commend him on his courage to use such a line, but I could not help letting a laugh slip (luckily they didn't hear).

They continue talking and as he is dropping cheesy line left and right she gets more and more giggly and interested. His cheesy charms worked! By the end of the convo numbers were exchanged and they left together.

But wait it gets better...

Two days later, they show up together! Planet Fitness worked it's match-making magic and brought two attractive people together. I have to say I feel honored to have witnessed this budding romance.


  1. my favorite part is picturing you letting out a laugh as this whole thing goes down.

  2. Lovely post darling! Check my blog and follow me if you want, I`ll follow back :X

  3. hahahahah. i can't believe it worked. i hope you get to see them break up in the gym too. and that time, i hope they hear you laugh.

  4. wow wow wow. i would have gotten pissed as the (HG). but as the (DS), i've got to give props where props is due.

    this was so so funny. made my day.