March 18, 2012

i did it

I finally mustered up the courage and did something I have always wanted to do...


Today marks day 5 as a brunette and I am still getting used to it.
It has been quite the change, but a very fun one!

And thank you for all your sweet, kind words!
I really am doing well and love you all :]


  1. way to be the girl who can pull off any color of hair. please let me see you & your brown locks in person asap!

  2. Kirstyn, your hair looks beautiful, but your face is easy to work with. I am with kylee I can't wait to see your beautiful face and hair in person.
    Have a great week! Love you!

  3. it's amazing!!! oh my, i love it!

  4. You look stunning Kirstyn. Brunette does yo body goooood!

  5. oh my gosh, you look INCREDIBLE as a brunette! love your little facial expressions ;)
    xo TJ