March 10, 2012


Here are some pictures from my lovely 22nd

Dinner at Biaggis with some of my favorite ladies. Complete with a tutu (2-2! clever huh? My friends are so sweet and creative) cake and pretty flower centerpieces.

Family dinner at PF Changs, one of my favorites. They gave me the yummiest chocolate dessert.

Cake and gifts from the fam. All kinds of new gym clothes and money for my passport! They are too good to me.

It was such a fun weekend of celebrating, I couldn't ask for better people in my life!

I wish I could say I was going and doing something super fun like last spring break. But no. It's ok though, Italy is just around the corner. 2 months!!
And I even have assignments due this week in some of my online classes... can you believe that?
I swear that's not aloud.


  1. Thanks for you cute little comment on my blog! You made me so curious as to how we may know each other. I just stalked your blog a little- and I'm sure we have met somewhere... because I recognize a couple people in your pictures above, and a couple of people you are following on the side of your blog. So... maybe through mutual friends or something? We'll figure it out. I'm happy to have found your cute blog now- I can't wait to see more. xoxo

  2. online assignments due this week? rudest teachers ever. kirst! let's spend a day/night in park city this week! make our own spring break road trip!!

  3. You are so stink'in cute. A tutu cake? Dang. You are crafty.

  4. What a beautiful birthday girl you are! I love these pictures. Birthdays with the family are the best ones. Thank you for finding my blog so I could find yours! I'm loving it. :D I love hearing how people stumble upon my blog...what's your Instagram name? I'm going to find you again, if that's okay. Mine is lowercase_letters
    Thanks for the comment and have a great weekend, Kirstyn!