January 31, 2012


Call me crazy, but I love donating blood. Needles have never bothered me and I feel like I have some unofficial obligation to donate whenever I get the opportunity because my blood type is O negative, which is the universal donor. So I'm all excited that the time came to donate again and I go to the institute today all hydrated up and ready to go. I go through the process of reading the booklet, waiting in line, getting the finger prick, filling out the questionnaire, and having the needle inserted. About 30 seconds into my blood flowing through the tubes into the bags the lady comes back and checks on me. She lifts up the little towel covering the needle and says, "Welp, looks like the needle fell out of the vein and I can't find where to put it back in." Ummmm...ok? Apparently since blood had already hit the bag they couldn't do my other arm so just like that I was done. Didn't even get to donate anything hardly. Then she told me I would have a large bruise, some swelling and soreness so she sent me home with some ice packs. Basically it was a massive failure. At least I did come away with something other than a dead arm and disappointment... Iggy's anyone?

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  1. i have ALWAAAAYS wanted to donate my blood. i seriously get upset when i remember that i can't. someday, somehow i will make it happen. even if i have to secretly strap weights to my body. it's happening. can't they just let me sign a wavier that indicates i understand that i am little and i promise not to sue them if i pass out?d