January 10, 2012


I realize I am doing this a little bit late, but I have been wanting to do it for a while and have been lazy with the whole blogging thing and just haven't! I figure better late than never right? Besides, I have loved reading other people's years in review and found it very fun and entertaining to reflect back on my 2011 year. It was a good one and I just thought I would share a few of the highlights.


  • I began this little blog of mine
  • Converted to the smart phones and became a proud owner of an iphone
  • Began the semester as a new gamma officer
  • My dear friend Megan left on her mission to Cambodia
  • I quit my job at Red Butte Cafe


  • Had a lovely Valentine's day celebration with friends making heart shaped waffles and delivering hand made valentines
  • CCRT! President's weekend down in Cedar City
  • Had the most amazing 21st birthday ever. I have the best family and friends in the world


  • Went to an intense Jazz game for gamma date night
  • Celebrated St. Patty's Day for probably the first time ever by attending a very well put on party by some friends. This holiday definitely increased in the rankings of my favorite holidays
  • Went on an unforgettable cruise for spring break
  • Met Danny on said cruise :)


  • Made a very fun trip down to Provo where we went to a free Sugar Ray concert
  • Found out I would be graduating the next year
  • Called to be the new gamma president for the upcoming year
  • Had a fun photo shoot with my gamma girls
  • A luau themed end of year gamma banquet/party
  • First date with Danny boy

  • Another season of sytycd begins
  • A delightful California trip with Rach and Kylee
  • Took the plunge and transferred into my singles ward
  • First experience geocaching
  • Explored some tunnels under the freeway


  • Spontaneous St. George Trip
  • Dear friends Chris and Lauren tie the knot
  • Attend the annual Arts Festival
  • Received the unfortunate and heart breaking news that gamma was to be no more starting in August
  • Attended a Beach Boys concert to celebrate my mom's birthday


  • Spent a lovely 4th of July in Logan and Richfield
  • Found out we were going to have to sell our house (luckily that news has since changed and there are no longer plans of moving at the moment!)
  • Went on a 4-day road trip to Danny's new home in North Carolina
  • Continued gamma activities and had a classic skating date night. Niel was a trooper and was my date


  • Lovely Lake Powell trip with lovely friends
  • The darling Michelle and Mick get hitched
  • We have our final gamma activity
  • The finale of sytycd where Melanie was the well-deserved winner


  • Visit to NC and I got to go horseback riding
  • 10 year anniversary of 9/11
  • Danny had a birthday
  • The Utah vs. BYU game that will go down in history... 54-10


  • A very fun girls night up in Park City
  • Attended the sytycd tour thanks to Hilary
  • Made a surprise visit to NC
  • Celebrated Halloween for a whole weekend where I dressed as a jellyfish, a hick, and a baby


  • Went to Anjelah Johnson's comedy show that was hysterical
  • Had a very fun weekend-long birthday celebration for Rach
  • Niel's football team went to state (unfortunately they didn't win, but they had a heck of a season)
  • Went to Cedar for a weekend
  • Thanksgiving break with Danny and his family in town and delicious food


  • Finished my second to last semester
  • Winter break complete with winter break-like activities
  • Week long visit from the boyf
  • A wonderful Christmas with the fam
  • A night in deer valley for Sadie's birthday and New Years

It was such a great year and full of the unexpected. I can't wait to see what is in store for 2012!

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  1. ahh i loved reading this and remebering things! that valentine's day was soooo fun! how do you feel about re-living that this year? i know this is sort of a downer thing to mention since it's over but i miss gamma so much. it makes me so happy to see that last year we still got to be involved, we still had activities and we still had that beloved sorority. that st. patrick's day was bomb. i'm so glad we hung out so much! also i totallllly forgot you met danny on the cruise!! not even kidding you, i miss that cali trip weekly. that was by far one of the best trips of my life. so relaxing & so fun. those kids, oh gosh i love those kids.