October 30, 2011

costume #2

Last weekend I was a jellyfish, but this weekend I decided to go with something a little different for the Halloween fun....

A hick. At least that's what I was going for. I did get asked multiple times the one question you never want people to ask you on Halloween, "So, what are you?" I got rock star, groupie, and even Charlise Theron from Monster. (Thanks mom). Maybe it was because the mullet I tried to create just looked like a Gwen Stefani poof and the ACDC shirt with pink sunglasses aren't quite redneck-like. No matter what I ended up looking like, I had a great time in my chunky boots and stuffed belly as I squeezed my way through over crowded dance floors. Dressing up is way too much fun. I love Halloween!

October 27, 2011

yes they can dance

I went to the sytycd tour last night and it was UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I don't even know what else to say, it left me speechless. Either that or I could go on for days so I will just go with being speechless. I swear those dancers aren't human. With the way their bodies move... There's no way. Unfortunately my camera died midway through the show, but here is some of what I captured!

Ugh it was so good!
Already soooo excited for next season!!

October 24, 2011


In all the craziness that life is, I have discovered a few things that are therapeutic for me.

Bubble Baths
Remember how I am addicted to them? Nothing makes me feel more calm or winds me down quite like a bubble bath does. It's so relaxing and there is nothing better than crawling into my bed after having just been all nice and warm and soothed in the bath tub. They truly do wonders.

My parents would laugh hysterically if they saw this because this happens probably once in a blue moon. And today happened to be a blue moon. I had been doing homework like crazy the past few days and finally I just couldn't take it anymore. I needed a break so I went on a cleaning rampage in my room. This happens rarely so when it does I definitely know I have reached a limit. It felt so good to have a more organized and less cluttered room and I was able to get back to my school stuff and refocus.

Taking Ziggy for a walk
Fresh air really does the body good. I feel like I am cooped up indoors all day and sometimes I just need that little bit of time outside to get fresh oxygen flowing to my noggin. And why not take Ziggy with me? He loves walks too and gets all excited when I pull out the leash. He is a cutie and a half to say the least.

When I am dancing I don't have a single care in the world. Oh it is the best feeling. I miss it every day. Luckily I have my dance class to help me keep my sanity somewhat, but I miss how much a part of my life it used to be. Eat, sleep, school, dance. That's how it was for a long time. Now sometimes I'll just put on songs that I did dances to in the past and see how much I remember. It's so fun and brings back such great memories.

Doing something crafty
There is a family I tend for and the oldest daughter loves crafts and to color. It is usually always apart of my time with her. I have started to really love doing it with her and lately it seems like I am more excited to do it then she is. Even though they are just little simple things, like paper snow flakes or glitter masks, it still makes me feel like I am doing something creative, which is always a good feeling.

Being with children
Nannying and hanging out with kids all day is seriously the best job. It can definitely be hard sometimes thats for sure, but kids are so fun and make me forget about all my worries. They bring out the kid in me and make me want to do silly things without caring. Like read stories and form a rock band in a Thomas the Train tent, play hide n' seek, and rescue a princess from a burning building (all of these may or may not be from personal experience...)

It's nice to have those simple things that prevent me from losing my mind.

October 23, 2011

Halloween festivities

Haunted Forest. So scary, but soooo fun! I somehow always end up being the target, but I've been working on keeping my cool so maybe next year it wont be a problem. It was all worth it in the end when we had to slide down this huge slide. Best way to get out of a haunted forest if you ask me.

Thriller. I can't even express my love for this show. It is simply amazing and somehow seems to get better and better each year. Most of the dances remain the same, with the exception of a couple new ones, but it never gets old. Oh I just love it!

Halloween party. Yes we were jellyfish and yes we won the costume contest. I was pretty excited because pretty sure I have never won anything. It was a bit of a hassle walking through crowds with those things on and trying to dance, but it was all worth it in the end when we won the ipod.

Now I just need to carve my pumpkin and I am set! Gotta love Halloween.

October 17, 2011


I am sneaky.
Very very sneaky.
After weeks of an awaited surprise visit, I went to North Carolina at the end of fall break to see Danny and surprise him. The best part is I successfully did so without him ever having a clue! Told you I was sneaky. Keeping this a secret was much harder than expected, but luckily I didn't spill the beans.

A few weeks ago, Danny's mom called me telling me that her and her husband were flying over to go to his white coat ceremony and asked if I would like to come along. They didn't need to do much convincing because I was immediately on board. She was so sweet and said it was going to be their birthday present to him and so it needed to be a secret. Secret? From Danny? I knew it was going to be hard especially with how often we talk, but seeing the look on his face when he saw me was priceless. Too funny, so glad the surprise wasn't ruined. I can't thank his family enough for doing this.

It was such a great weekend and the ceremony was awesome.
So proud of him!

October 9, 2011

Girls Night

Park City + 10 girls = trouble

We had a lovely girls night on Friday up in PC. It was soooo much fun and had been too long since I had one of these. We spent the evening on main street where we ate dinner, walked around, and froze our tushes off. When we were all nice and frozen, we went back to our hotel and headed straight for the hot tubs. We sat in the hot tub until we were pruned like raisins sharing funny/scary/embarrassing stories as it snowed around us. Hot tubbing and snow is such a great combo. Then we went back up to our room and played some funny games, chatted, and giggled until the wee hours of the morning.

Saturday came and after checking out of the hotel we went to the outlets to do a little shopping. We had time for one store because next stop: the Utah game. With everyone's J. crew purchases in hand, we headed straight on over to rice eccles stadium for the game.

fun night + awesome girls = a great way to kick off fall break!

October 5, 2011

wednesday happy list

1. Getting to wake up on my own time instead of to the sound of an alarm.

2. A rainy day.

3. Starting off my day with a call from Danny.

4. Curling up in my sweats and drinking a cup of hot cocoa.

5. Seeing a little girl walking home from school by herself and singing at the top of her lungs.

6. All day without makeup.

7. Finding out I get to see Thriller this year for FREE!!! A huge thank you and shout out to Abbi!

8. Due to the weather and an ill child, I watched Princess and the Frog and colored with the little ones I tended today.

9. A surprise card from the grandparents.

10. Dinner with the fam at cafe rio.

It was a good day :)

October 4, 2011

community bed

My bed is so comfy.
And by that I mean soooooo comfy.
I love it.
So much.
But apparently so do other members of the fam...

EXHIBIT A: The cat

EXHIBIT B: The dog

EXHIBIT C: The younger brother.

This is what I get for having the comfiest bed in the house.

October 3, 2011

weekend in review

It was a lovely weekend for many reasons...

Can I just say how much I love conference? I love to hear the inspired words of our church leaders and I always feel like certain talks or even just simple phrases are meant especially for me. This talk was one of my absolute favorites. It was another wonderful conference and when it ended I felt rejuvenated.

It was also a football filled weekend. Niel's team dominated and whooped the Cyprus Pirates 53-6. I wish I could say the same happened with my Utes, but it's ok we'll get em this week!

Also, my cute dad had his big 62nd birthday. 62!! (Don't tell him I said that he will be very mad if he knew I revealed his age). It's ok though because he definitely doesn't look it. We had fun celebrating by going out to dinner, having the Leopards bring home the W for him, then ending the night with cake and ice cream.

Just a few short (ok probably long) days til this next weekend and then? FALL BREAK!!!