October 30, 2011

costume #2

Last weekend I was a jellyfish, but this weekend I decided to go with something a little different for the Halloween fun....

A hick. At least that's what I was going for. I did get asked multiple times the one question you never want people to ask you on Halloween, "So, what are you?" I got rock star, groupie, and even Charlise Theron from Monster. (Thanks mom). Maybe it was because the mullet I tried to create just looked like a Gwen Stefani poof and the ACDC shirt with pink sunglasses aren't quite redneck-like. No matter what I ended up looking like, I had a great time in my chunky boots and stuffed belly as I squeezed my way through over crowded dance floors. Dressing up is way too much fun. I love Halloween!

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  1. This is SO wonderful... very creative! :)

    Your blog is adorable!

    I hope that you come by and check out my blog, and follow!