October 9, 2011

Girls Night

Park City + 10 girls = trouble

We had a lovely girls night on Friday up in PC. It was soooo much fun and had been too long since I had one of these. We spent the evening on main street where we ate dinner, walked around, and froze our tushes off. When we were all nice and frozen, we went back to our hotel and headed straight for the hot tubs. We sat in the hot tub until we were pruned like raisins sharing funny/scary/embarrassing stories as it snowed around us. Hot tubbing and snow is such a great combo. Then we went back up to our room and played some funny games, chatted, and giggled until the wee hours of the morning.

Saturday came and after checking out of the hotel we went to the outlets to do a little shopping. We had time for one store because next stop: the Utah game. With everyone's J. crew purchases in hand, we headed straight on over to rice eccles stadium for the game.

fun night + awesome girls = a great way to kick off fall break!

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  1. oh my how fun!! and your boots kirstyn, they are adorable. please can we play this week! haunted something or another muuuust happen! and i'll probably invite luke so you can meet him :]