October 3, 2011

weekend in review

It was a lovely weekend for many reasons...

Can I just say how much I love conference? I love to hear the inspired words of our church leaders and I always feel like certain talks or even just simple phrases are meant especially for me. This talk was one of my absolute favorites. It was another wonderful conference and when it ended I felt rejuvenated.

It was also a football filled weekend. Niel's team dominated and whooped the Cyprus Pirates 53-6. I wish I could say the same happened with my Utes, but it's ok we'll get em this week!

Also, my cute dad had his big 62nd birthday. 62!! (Don't tell him I said that he will be very mad if he knew I revealed his age). It's ok though because he definitely doesn't look it. We had fun celebrating by going out to dinner, having the Leopards bring home the W for him, then ending the night with cake and ice cream.

Just a few short (ok probably long) days til this next weekend and then? FALL BREAK!!!

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