June 11, 2011


Pandora has become my new obsession. I love it. My most frequently listened to stations are:

Bon Iver

Justin Bieber (obviously)

Dixie Chicks (I love me some country!)

But my absolute favorite right now is Adele. First of all I just love her, and I had it on today while cleaning my room and a Colbie Caillat version of "I Want You Back" came on and so did "At Last" by Etta James.

Such good stuff!

P.S. Soooo happy with sytycd's top 20! It's gonna be a heck of a season. Here's a little preview...


  1. that was definitely my favorite dance that episode. tyce is great. and so far i haven't had a ton of favorites just yet. melanie is one of them though.

  2. Hey Kirstyn, the steward on my plane's son is one of the finalists for So you think You can Dance. He is the asian boy I guess...anyway, I thought of you!