June 22, 2011

Happy Wednesday

Reasons why today has been such a happy Wednesday:

  1. Woke up to my alarm at 8. This is a amazing because a) I have gotten into the habit of pushing snooze and b) because it was 8 in the morning. Felt good to start off the day early!
  2. Remember how I'm addicted to hair cuts? Well I got one this morning and I have to say the scalp massage today was one of her best. They are always amazing but for some reason today it was top notch. Not to mention it just feels great to have a hair cut. (I'm sorry to say I have not overcome this addiction, but my hair cuts are less frequent... I'm making baby steps)
  3. I got a lot of tedious things I've been needing to get done finally done. Such as making dentist appointments, making tons of phone calls to plan summer gamma activities, and cleaning my room.
  4. I got to spend a few hours this afternoon with this adorable girl...
  5. I got some big online class assignments done. About halfway there with the online classes.... YAY!
  6. Met with the bishop to discuss how the sororities and fraternities are ending this summer and how I no longer have a calling. He was so sweet and said lots of great things. He gave me a new calling that I'm excited about, but then he asked me to speak in church. Yikes! It's not gonna be for a while though so I'll have some time to prep for such a scary thing.
  7. I get to go see my newly engaged friend who I haven't seen yet. I'm so excited for Michelle and Mick!
  8. And lastly, just a few more days til the darling boy gets home from his trip. Can't wait!

1 comment:

  1. such a good day. and once again i'm dying over the cuteness of you & danny.