June 3, 2011

Just some stuff

So basically I have been a slacker and haven't been on this thing in a while! I wish I had more exciting things to share but basically....
Life is good
It's finally June
The weather is beautiful
and I struggle with online classes... especially in the summer.

The two biggest excitements for me right now are SYTYCD and MIAMI HEAT.

So you think you can dance finally started which makes it officially summer. Oh how I love this show! Its only been the audition phase and I am 100% obsessed, as always. The dancers are amazing, the judges are the best, and I just fall in love every season. Next week begins the intense Vegas week and I can't wait! This girl was on last night's LA audition and was unreal!!

Also, the finals are going on right now and I'm all about the Heat. Not because of LeBron, even though he is amazing, but because of Dwyane Wade. He's always been one of my favorites and I would love to see him win. So maybe I'm not necessarily all about the Heat, just all about Dwyane.
The series are tied right now so we'll see what happens!

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