April 7, 2012

favorites of the week

- I finally downloaded some new music I had been dying to get for a while.  I was in desperate need for some new tunes.  Thank goodness for itunes gift cards!

- This week I sported the wear-the-same-outfit-two-days-in-a-row look... TWICE!  Maybe I should be more embarrassed than proud of this one.  This is why you wont find me blogging about fashion.

- Early morning temple trip.  Such a great way to start off the day.

- I played a little belated April Fools Day prank on my dad. Bless his gullible heart that he believed me.  He was out of town and I led him to believe there was some sort of accident and I could not promise that parts of the house wouldn't be destroyed when he returned.  

- Decorated some Easter eggs and loaded up on Easter candy.  It's practically coming out of my ears I've had so much.  But it's just so delicious.

- The warm weather we have been having.  Minus the 10 second snow storm yesterday.  Gotta love Utah weather.

- When Niel scared the living daylights out of me by pointing to a clump of dirt on the ground in our laundry room and yelled "SPIDER!"  I have never jumped so high.  It didn't take long for that fear to turn into a laugh attack.

- Institute this week.  It was probably one of the best lessons I have had in institute to date.  Soooo good.

- A lovely walk down to the dog park with Zig.  He practiced being social and made some new friends.  Poor guy doesn't get out much.

- Being in bed before 11:30 almost every night this week.  Felt amazing to get some good zzz's.

- Getting my hands on a backpacking backpack for my trip.  I am almost all set to go!  Just a few more things I need to do to prepare.  31 DAYS!!!

Hope you all had a lovely week and happy easter tomorrow! 


  1. Love this, and love you! I'd also love to know what new music you downloaded. I'm in a serious music rut over here...

    M loves D

  2. i sport the wear-the-same-outfit-look far more than i am willing to admit. really though. i repeate outfits allllll the time. the joys of never seeing anyone i know on campus :] i love that we both went to the temple this week! i really cannnnot wait to go with you kirstyn! we can call it the double k utah temple adventure. okay so maybe we need to work on a cuter name. what was your institute lesson on?! i've been bad this semester, and i haven't been going. i now realize how important it is to go and how beneficial it is to be spiritaully fed during the week. hooray for early bed times! i went to bed at 9:30 thursday night! nine freakin thirty. it was a miracle.

  3. This is great! The nice thing about going to Provo twice a week is that I can repeat outfits every week and no one will know! ... Well I guess o you do... Ha. Happy Easter!

  4. "This is why you wont find me blogging about fashion." hahaha. i can't tell you how many times i do this. i never get ready anymore unless it's the weekend. there's just no point. so glad i'm not alone.