April 29, 2012

favorites of the [past 2] week[s]

- A night at classic skating complete with some foosball and pumpkin pie.  You know your week is off to a good start if it begins at classic skating.  

- Getting ready for my trip by having an Italian night.  Dinner at Setabello's followed by some gelato.  Get in my belly Italian cuisine!   

- Driving with the windows down.  Hellllllooooooo warm weather!  I am loving you.  

- Trips to the temple.  

- An amazing night being serenaded by Ingrid and Harper Blynn.  

-  Being productive and spending lots and lots of time in the library to wrap up my final semester.  Just 2 more finals to go!

-  Some time spent with my gamma girls.  This was much needed, I have missed them so very much.

- Croquet at the park and nearly getting kicked out of Shivers.  The train just looks like too much fun to not sit in.  

- Getting to spend some time with my lovely SUU ladies.  Set ups, mid day movies, catching some rays, late night chats... I love em.  

- Crammed drive to ptown for a concert at Velor.  

- Chick fil a and a chick flick.  Definitely the greatest way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  

Heres to finals week!  
If you're done: congrats and I'm jealous  
If you're not: best of luck!


  1. temple trips - want to go this week before you leave?! i'm thinking maybe we could go wednesday or thursday!

  2. I am seriously so jealous of your Italy trip. You will have a blassst. Eat some gnocchi for me! :)

  3. ahh, it sounds like such a good time. i always fall at classic skating so i don't like going there. teach me how to go and not be scared!!!
    good luck with finals! you might actually be done....
    if that's the case, good luck finalizing everything for your trip!!!