February 8, 2012


It was a normal Monday afternoon.
I was lounging in my basement when I received a call from a friend.
We started chatting then I realized my phone battery was dangerously low.
I hurried upstairs to fetch my charger and return back to the coziness of my basement.
I plugged in my phone as we chatted away.
I was getting a little stir crazy while just sitting and talking on the phone (I am a pacer) so when I felt my phone had charged enough to last I unplugged the charger from the wall while the other end was still secure in my phone.
I began pacing while chatting only focusing on our conversation.
The conversation comes to a close and I decide I want to go put my charger back in my room so I don't lose it.
Well, much to my surprise, the charger was somehow already lost!
No longer was it nestled in the butt of my phone (where I knew it had been at one point because I distinctly remembered twirling it while talking).
I go check the wall socket, not there.
Walk the route of my pacing pattern, no where to be found.
Check in the couch cushions, under the table, basically flip my basement upside down.
No sign of the charger.
Two days later and it has yet to turn up.
I may need to call in Sherlock Holmes for this one.

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