November 5, 2011


sometimes I linger in my bed for a while after waking up

sometimes I dread the snow, other times I love it. Today I'm loving it!

sometimes my brother steals my car

sometimes I get my homework done before the weekend

sometimes I add chocolate chips to my pancakes

sometimes my phone decides to be crazy

sometimes my allergies get the best of me

sometimes I go back and look at old photo albums for a good laugh

sometimes I use water in my hot cocoa instead of milk

sometimes my friends get married (congrats bryan and colbie!)

sometimes I am mistaken for a high schooler... ouch

sometimes I rent movies from the library

sometimes I get a small salad with a large tortilla at costa vida

sometimes my own grandparents call me kIERsten

sometimes we get an extra hour of sleep. yay for daylight savings!


  1. i alwwaaaaays linger in my bed when waking up. it's a bad habit and sometimes it means i fall back asleep. homework done before the weekend!? way to go girl! wish i could say the same. woaaa woa milk instead of hot water for hot chocolate? never in my life. i might just have to try this. your grandparents sometimes call you kiersten? i die. that is too funny!

  2. Loved everything about this post! Sounds like you're set for a good weekend!