November 28, 2011

breaks are the best

What a lovely Thanksgiving break it was! Even though I stayed right here, it felt like I was on vacation. Or I guess you could call it a stay-cation.

I was able to spend the whole break with Danny and his family and also my family. We ate AMAZING food, watched football, played lots of games, watched movies, and lounged... that is my idea of a break. Unfortunately, now it is back to the grind because I didn't do a single ounce of homework and now I have tons to do before the end of the semester. But Christmas break is only a few weeks away and that is going to be even better. No homework at all! YAY!!! That is always good news.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! And here is a little something for your viewing pleasure that I thought was a good reminder, especially for this time of year :)

1 comment:

  1. i cannot wait to hear more about your time with danny!!!! i am actually dying right now over it. also i love that we failed at life and didn't touch any of our homework during the break. somehow i knew that was going to happen but still told myself otherwise.