May 17, 2011

Words of Wisdom

"Fall in love with as many things as possible."
I heard this quote on a movie, Country Strong to be exact, and it has stuck with me ever since. It just really got me thinking how important it is to enjoy life and live it to it's fullest. I know it sounds cliche, but the older I get the more I find it to be true. There are so many beautiful and amazing things in this world and I sometimes forget and take them for granted. I'll come with with reasons and excuses to not do something because I'm just too lazy or because of silly worries that I shouldn't have. I think I sometimes get nervous to try or experience new things in fear of being a failure. That is such a scary feeling... failing. However, by not trying or experiencing new things I may also miss out on the opposite and wonderful feeling of succeeding. I get so comfortable just remaining neutral that I think I miss out on some opportunities. This quote really lit a fire in me and made me realize that I shouldn't hold back and worry so much. If I always play it safe because I'm trying to protect myself, I'll never grow. I want to put my whole heart in things and as said above, fall in love with as many things as possible. It's my new motto. So thank you Gwyneth Paltro for saying this and giving me this inspiration.

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  1. That's such a great quote!

    The world needs a little more lovin' and everyone could be a little more passionate about something.