May 5, 2011

Oh happy day!


Summer has officially begun and I could not be happier about it. I finally finished finals last night and what a good feeling it was! The past week has been pretty crazy and stressful with studying but now I'm home freeeeeeee!

And I actually held true to my facebook fast. Didn't get on once until I was done last night. I have to say though it wasn't nearly as helpful as I thought it would be. I replaced that distraction with online TV shows and youtube videos and deleting the app off my phone just led me to play more and more games of flight control and scramble. Oh well, my goal was no facebook til after finals and I did it so I'm happy!

What a fabulous day. Finals are over, it's cinco de mayo, and the sun is shining.

I am writing this blog post outside as we speak.

helloooooooo summertime!

1 comment:

  1. we live the same life. i was blog stalking outside today. see you tonight!