March 9, 2011


Every semester I have a goal to try to take at least one class just for the heck of it.
Not because it's required, but just because it sounds fun.
Some of the ones I have taken in the past include:

  • Ballet
  • Modern
  • Yoga
  • Hip-hop
  • and horseback riding! (only at SUU... haha. It seriously has been my favorite class I have ever taken! I'm a cowgirl at heart)

So this semester I was looking at the different options of some "fun" classes to take and I chose Zumba. I had never taken it before, but had only heard good things so I thought, "why not?" It just started last week because it's only for the second half of the semester and I absolutely love it! It's a dance/exercise class and basically we don't stop moving once it starts. It's only 50 minutes but boy do I work up a sweat!

I love classes like this because it's such a nice escape from all the academic classes.
They are good for the soul.

1 comment:

  1. what the horseback riding class!? thats it, i'm transferring to suu.