March 6, 2011

Go Jazz


Last night for gamma spring date night we went to the Jazz game. I hadn't been to a Jazz game in years so it was so fun to be there and cheer them on. Despite being clear up in the last 2 rows of the upper bowl (my calves are sore from all the stairs) it was soooo much fun and such an intense game. Jazz won in overtime--- take that Kings!

Just hanging out with Thurl Bailey

Thanks for signing my ticket Thurl!

Stockton to Malone

So high up haha


I love Stockton...

...and these girls!

After the game we went to Bryndy's house where we played volleyball, ping-pong, just dance, and dynamite. It was such a fun night full of fun activities and amazing people!

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  1. sooo glad to know i'm not the only one who woke up with sore calves. love the pics you got and love you! i'll help you makeover your blog whenever missy!