September 10, 2011

Have a Good Day

In one of my classes we were challenged to do something called the "Have a Good Day" exercise. Basically we were told to come up with a list of the essential things that make up a good day for us and then try and do them every day so we have more good days. Makes sense right? So here is the list I came up with of things that make a good day for me:

- Waking up early. Not too early, but just at a decent hour.

- Crossing something off the to-do list. Whether it be homework, an errand, a chore... just something.

- Laughing

- Reading my scriptures and saying my prayers.

- Dancing. Even if it's just jamming in my car to the radio.

- Spending at least a little time outside. Gotta have some of that fresh air.

- Interacting with people that I love.

That's my list! What's yours?


  1. love this. so much kirstyn. just the thing i needed to hear right now.

  2. Cool idea! I'm totally going to make one of these!