January 10, 2011


Does anybody STILL get the night-before-school jitters like I do?? It's funny, even after all the first day's of school I've been through, I still find myself laying in bed anxiously anticipating that day of new classes, new teachers, and being lost. I dread it, I'm nervous, and I'm excited all at the same time! It just doesn't make sense. I am actually kind of excited for this semester and to get back into school. I know...

Even still, the break was wonderful and very much needed. And I couldn't have imagined ending it any better! I spent it with some of my best friends down in Provo just having fun doing nothing but giggling all night long. It doesn't get much better than that!

"No matter how serious life
gets, you always have to
have those people you can
be completely stupid with."


  1. I definitely still get those! way bad haha

  2. I get them! Like to the point of no sleep!

  3. yep definitely get first day of school jitters every single semester. thank goodness i have classes with you to help with that!