September 12, 2012

all of a sudden 3 months went by...

Where has the time gone?!
I got back from Italy then all of a sudden summer came and went!
What an amazing summer it was though.
Full of great people and amazing times.
I don't even know how to begin to catch up so I will just let pictures do the talking!

Bon fire at the Bountiful B


Breaking out the bikes

First time doing archery, hopefully it wont be the last

Backyard concerts

Hang outs at the Morgan farm

Playing with the cows and riding 4-wheelers in Logan

First real salt lake game

oh heyyyy beckham

Glow in the dark golfing

Arts festival and seeing Tadd from SYTYCD

Night hikes.  What was supposed to be a half hour stroll turned into a 3 hour adventure trekking up the mountain.  It was freezing and people got lost... but what a fun night it was and at least we made some memories!


Cabin's in Huntsville

Birthday celebrations

4th of July

Oakley rodeo leading to a spontaneous weekend trip to Bear Lake

Sister Sparks returns from her mission

Michael Jackson tribute night

Trying to accomplish my goal of sleeping somewhere other than my own bed once a week... this week was the trampoline

 Sun Valley

Lake Powell

Eat, Pink, & Be Married bridal shower for the lovely Brianna

Logan rodeo and fair

Weddings, weddings, and more weddings.  Almost all the cedar crew reunited at Barney's wedding.

Luau bridal shower for cute Anna

One of my best friends in all the land got married! Most beautiful bride I ever did see

Moved out with some of my favorite ladies (wish Claire was in the pic, but photo cred goes to her).

Well there you have it!
In a nutshell.
I feel so blessed reflecting on the last few months.
To put it simply, life is good.
And I am going to try to get more on top of this blogging business!


  1. you blogggged! yessss! keep updating! alssooo, i want more pics of the bridal shower! already looks so stinkin cute! what the what? are you wearing our india sweatshirt?!

  2. You can tell you have some pretty great friends :) Love all the photos in this post!

  3. Now you're getting married! Also, I just realized how many summer events we did together last year. Who am I going to take on 2 on 1's this summer?! Oh the memories.