December 16, 2011

happy happy friday!

Today is SUCH a great day! Why you may ask? Well I will tell you...

I am officially done with finals!!!! No greater feeling of relief than that right there. How I actually did is beside the point, I'M DONE!!! Oh it feels so good to finally be able to say that. I've heard so many people already express their joys about being finished and I am so happy I am finally able to join them. On this, the very last day of finals week. Thank goodness it is officially Christmas break! Now I can dive into holiday activities with full force.

I went to the store today and the sweetheart of an employee commented that he liked the way I styled my hair. Um, thank you kind sir! He was super edgy with quite the fashion sense so it was very much appreciated. When someone points out something specific like that you know they really mean it. Nothing beats a genuine compliment, especially from a stranger.

Last, but definitely not least, Danny arrives in T minus 9 hours! And will be here for a week. A whole. entire. week. I can't wait!

1 comment:

  1. 9 hours away!!! yaay! so excited for you kirstyn!